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FTD Education
Over 100 years, far beyond books.

FTD was born in Brazil in 1902, expanding the work of the Marist Brothers who were here since 1897 in the direction of several schools, carrying, consolidating the educational work that the group has performed in the country.

FTD is a tribute to Frère Théophane Durand, Superior General of the Marist Congregation between the years 1883 and 1907. During his tenure, he encouraged the Brothers to write textbooks for other subjects. These books became part of the collection that received the title of FTD Textbook Collection. His attitude has huge stimulus to the production of textbooks for all subjects and made his mark in the professionalization of the Marists as educators and expansion of this great work.

In May 2015, the company went through a very important moment in its history. After 113 years of work far beyond the books and the classroom, FTD saw that it was necessary to have a brand that represented the desire to go even further and to see education as a movement to inspire discovery, choice, freedom and citizenship.

Thus FTD signed the commitment to transform society through education and adopted a new brand that reflects a company which is even more partner, flexible and human.

So, FTD became FTD Education.
After all, educate well is to think beyond.